The Childcare Levy Campaign

Let's get childcare costs sorted for once!

Childcare is like public transport. We all need it to go to work. It has to be available to ALL.

However, childcare remains expensive, very expensive. It is the number one barrier to get women back to work.

  Now more than ever we need companies and the Government to work together.

Not just for the benefit of women, but for the benefit of the whole society.


Childcare issues:

The number one barrier preventing mums from working

“Childcare is as vital as the rails and roads, it supports parents to work, boosts children’s outcomes and provides our economy with a reliable workforce. Too many parents remain locked out of work by high childcare costs."

For some households, childcare costs will be higher than one parent’s earnings. In most cases, one parent will give up employment to lower childcare costs. As a result, mothers are pushed out of the workplace. In England alone, there are over 870,000 stay-at-home mums who would prefer to work if they could arrange good quality childcare. 

In addition, the Government penalises families by charging them taxes on childcarer contracts from their already-taxed salaries, so some families are penalised with a double tax whammy.

This is a campaign to call on companies and the UK Government to put in place a comprehensive childcare infrastructure to facilitate women to go back to work.

Family Time

The Current Situation

The Government spends £7.5bn per year in childcare support; however, childcare support is not easily accessible. It is difficult to find, to understand and to put in place. 

The lack of access to good quality childcare has a negative impact on the UK economy when it comes to productivity levels and career opportunities. It is also has a part to play in the existing pay gap between men and women, and for the lack of and shortage of skills within the work space. 

It is estimated that there are over 870,000 women currently at home that would go back to work if they had access to good quality childcare. That’s half of ALL out-of-work mums in the country.

Economic research commissioned by Vodafone from KPMG indicates the potential economic benefits associated with bringing back into the workplace all women on a career break with experience at middle manager-level and above, could be in the region of £151 billion per year, and the cumulative financial boost for those women’s households could be approximately £419 billion a year.


What are we campaigning for?

An integrated childcare infrastructure

Childcare Arrangements

Companies currently offer private health care and pension contributions. 

Let’s include childcare arrangements to release employees from the stress of spending non-negligible hours looking for unreliable childcare via social media sites like Facebook.

The Childcare Levy

Companies and Government should be working together to help working families with their childcare costs.

We want companies to offer their employees the option of having part of their salary paid directly into a childcare provider or into a childcare savings account, similar to a pension scheme, until such time that the first child is born.

Childcarers' Registry

We want the Government to create a registry of childcarers, so that employers have the certainty of offering safe and reliable childcare services to their employees.


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