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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Thank you for visiting Childcare Levy. My name is Carolina, Founder of Campaign Levy. I am a working mother with three young children, who realised that maintaining a healthy personal and professional balance was incredibly difficult.

Over the last few months I have been attending various conferences, meetings and networking events that centred around increasing the number of women in business.

I wondered, why are they not discussing what exactly it is that stops women from working - the number one barrier that prevents them starting their careers? It was obvious to see but no one was discussing the issue of childcare.

Firstly, childcare is expensive, time consuming and often complicated. Secondly typical school hours do not match our working hours. And lastly, women often lose out on a career due to the financial and emotional demands of childcare.

I believe that women who are brave enough to go back to work are severally penalised. They're expected to bounce back into the swing of things, often without emotional support and whilst having to carry the responsibility that awaits her at home.

Let’s break the taboo. A nanny is a child carer, and they also offer flexibility. It is often more effective hiring a nanny than it is paying for a nursery. Particularly if you have more than one child, nannies are a godsend!

Unfortunately, the stark reality is that the government do not treat families with a nanny as a family, rather as a company that they can profit from. In addition to their already heavily taxed salaries, mothers also have to pay for the nanny's taxes as well. On top of this, many agencies out there also charge an unscrupulous fee when you use their site or services to find a nanny.

Is it a surprise that many women can't face going back to work?

Personally, I thought about giving up on my own career in the past. But I thought, why? why should I be the one to give up everything i've worked so hard for? This is when The Childcare Levy campaign was born. The aim is to change perceptions and plead for change.

Watch this space.




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