• Carolina Briere

Help Mothers #BalanceforBetter this International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is fast approaching (Friday 8th March) and we are incredibly excited to attend fun events and celebrate the day’s festivities. IWD is a global day that celebrates women and their achievements - whether it be social, economic, cultural or political.

What better way to say thank you to the women who have shaped our beliefs, helped us to keep going and to always spearhead in anything that we do. IWD also highlights that we are very much still experiencing a gender imbalance. The pay gap is real and we mustn't forget that. With that in mind, here at The Childcare Levy, we’ve been deliberating over what we can do this IWD to shine a light on the rising cost of childcare, and most importantly how incredibly important it is to involve mothers this year.

Whilst millions of women rally in various parts of the world to celebrate, support and champion brilliant women, we must take into account that women can only achieve their goals and become successful in their field if they are able to take opportunities that are available to them. Honing in on mothers specifically - it is crucial that mothers are encouraged to practice their craft. Working class mothers need help, and the stark reality is that on average it costs £11,300 in London for childcare - and even more, if you have multiple kids.

As well as keeping the childcare issue present in our minds in the coming year, I’d also like to discuss other ways we can include mothers from all walks of life and make it easier for them to actively participate in IWD. As various female organisations prepare to host panels, workshops, marches, film screenings etc, we must ask whether these events are in any way catered to mothers. It is important that working mothers, as well as stay at home mothers, are considered. Often taking your young child to these events is inevitable and thus feeling like you and your child are welcome is important. Creating family friendly environments or providing some form of childcare, no matter how small, can really make the difference. Pull up a seat for mothers this IWD so that they can also join the fight against gender bias and help in creating a balanced world.

IWD this year is all about #BalanceforBetter - encouraging gender balance in boardrooms and letting it be known that women are still seeking equilibrium. It is our chance to make it known that for working mothers, balance can't be achieved without help.

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Let us not forget… the future is female after all.




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