• Carolina Briere

The Levy Explained: Dismantling Government Misconceptions

Following a week full of events celebrating International Women’s Day, let’s talk about the number one barrier preventing women to grow and thrive and what the Childcare Levy is really about.

We’re not going to pretend that the Childcare Levy is a simple concept for everyone to grapple with, particularly the Government. What we do believe is that the need for the Childcare Levy is very much present.

Today we’d like to discuss the misconceptions around our campaign and what we’re trying to achieve. Right now, in homes around the country - families, single parents - men and women are dealing with a levy of their own. Levy is synonymous with weight - and at the moment the weight of childcare is firmly on our shoulders. We’re not asking the Government for money - nor are we asking companies for additional monies. We are simply asking for companies to implement childcare schemes into their compensation packages. Once this is inclusive, both companies and employees can contribute to the economic growth of our country.

Having something, anything about childcare support in your contract shouldn’t be a privilege. It should be the norm, particularly since private childcare costs are soaring higher than ever before. This campaign strives to start a conversation - that childcare doesn’t just affect families, but it affects the infrastructure of a growing business.

We want companies to offer a childcare scheme within their compensation packages and we want the Government to allow companies to deduct childcare related costs to their employees as an operating expense; the same way work related training can be deduced as an operating expense.

We need mothers and fathers out there to spread the message that a fair and equal opportunity to have access to good childcare is a right, just like public transport is.

Whether it’s helping your employees with nursery or nanny costs, putting them in contact with babysitting agencies, arranging discounted rates with these or giving presentations about childcare support - there is a way that companies and Government can help!

Join the conversation and get in touch with The Childcare Levy to talk about ways you can help.




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